July 19th, 2009

My Top 10 Surprises During Pregnancy

What I know about going through pregnancy was based from what I’d observed from my family & friends. I never knew how much limited I know until I get pregnant — imagine my surprise. You get pregnant, you get morning sickness then your tummy grows big. All women talk about how painful it is going through labor. That’s it. That’s all I know. Ok. Of course, I learned something from my biology class — about the x & the y chromosomes stuff. But they never tell you about what a pregnant woman experience until you are pregnant.


1. gas

Because of how your insides are being squished I can’t help passing gas like a frat boy. It’s one of the most embarrassing things you have to deal with. I just make sure no one’s around. Sometimes the problem is, it doesn’t choose when & where.

Spicy Tuna Salad

2. no eating of sushi

When I learned that I can’t have this until you’d finished nursing because of possible bacteria contamination to the fetus, I started dreaming about sushi…specifically, spicy tuna…! This is one craving I can’t have.

3. not drinking coffee/ green tea

I drink a half cup of coffee & 3x of green tea everyday. I’m a green-tea-holic. I mean, how can green tea suppose to be bad for you? That was my thinking. Then I learned that green tea would increase the chance of miscarriage, especially herbs that’s not cleared by your OB Gyn.

4. the cost of having a baby

It’s still an abstract idea until it’s happening to you. It helps that I have health insurance but man, how bills piles up & I haven’t given birth yet.

5. constipation

It’s the most uncomfortable feeling in the world but when it happens to you everyday, you’ll get crazy. Then, I found my solution: prune juice – it’s not that bad.


6. growing pains

And so I thought, your skin just adapts to the growing tummy and from the outside, it looks like it’s happening gracefully. Not in my insides. I’m sure you’d watched at some point in time Dr. Bruce Banner transforming into “Incredible Hulk”  & he looks really pained. That’s how I feel.

7. pimples

I thought after puberty, that’s the last time I’ll ever see an infestation of pimples. This is not just, “I slept late last night” one pimple. These are PIMPLES!!! Aren’t pregnant women skin suppose to be glowing? I suppose my hormones chose something else.

8. porn boobs

My hubby loves this. And I thought I was having breast cancer! LOL! Ooops! Knock on wood! Barbie girls, get pregnant so you don’t have to get breast implants.

9. not knowing your pregnant until…12 weeks after

I think this will only apply to women who have irregular periods, pregnant women who have no morning sickness (lucky me!) & couples who had stopped trying to get pregnant. Surprise is an understatement. Even though we want to have kids, we were in a daze for a week.

10. fetal movement

Because of my frequent gas experience, I can’t pinpoint exactly the first time I felt my baby wriggling inside me. It’s only a week ago that I became sure. The amusing thing is that whenever I finished eating, I do feel the movement. It kinda reminds me of my brother’s puppy who gets excited whenever he feeds on his treats.

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